A matter of perception (pt1 – glo)

I discovered Glo on msn a few months ago, and have enjoyed its pictures and features since. But one article caught my eye, enough so that I left a post on their Facebook page –

“Glo’s Girl Crushes Of The Week” commended Sophia Bush [The One Tree Hill actress] for speaking out against retailer Urban Outfitters, specifically a t-shirt they sell reading “Eat Less.” She said in an open letter: “To promote starvation?
To promote anorexia, which leads to heart disease, bone density loss and
a slew of other health problems, not least of all psychological issues
that never go away? Shame on you. I will no longer be shopping at your

It made me wonder – did anyone speak to Urban Outfitters to ask their intention in spreading that message? “Eat Less” could also be a plea against over-consumption and obesity, which comes hand in hand with diabetes and heart disease. Eating less would mean a lesser demand on the earth to produce food, conserving natural resources.

If Urban Outfitters indeed intended for “Eat Less” as a call to be unnaturally thin, then they deserve all the bad press we can dish out. However, without clarifying their intent, it would be grossly unfair to vilify them this way.

The thing is, we often interpret things according to our world view – if fashion and being thin and glamorous is what is foremost in our minds, then the first thing to occur to us would be that ‘eating less’ is about being thin. But in my mind and my world view, there is so much excess that anything that promotes its opposite is a good thing.


About Audrey

I started this blog as a way to continue writing, which I love, and to share views and topics that mean a lot to me, which range from books and movies to the environment and other societal issues. Sounds like a grand plan (at least to me) but I'm finding it easier said than done. This blog is a way for me to get my voice out there and hopefully find others who feel the same or who share the same interests I do. All too often I read about news and happenings that make me feel discouraged about what's going on in the world, and I'm thankful for all the people out there who post things about everyday life that put a smile on my face or make me think a little harder about the life I'm living. This blog, for me, is a symbol that there are people out there who also feel that there's a lot to be improved and hopefully inspire thoughts and ideas that help us cope better, and make a difference in our own little part of the world. Thanks for reading!
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