Random thoughts on perception pt1

I have a strong aversion to buying skincare/cosmetics from Japanese brands, and unfortunately this extends to brands that sound Japanese. Reason being, I grew up when the environment and animal rights issues were gaining popularity, and one of the things that I was strongly against was whaling for commercial purposes. As the Japanese are the main perpetrators, and whale blubber is used in producing skincare and cosmetics (among other things), therefore I want nothing to do with those products. The sentiment is so strong that I will look at a manufacturing company and put it back if it looks/sounds like it’s a Japanese company.

In recent years, the repeated news of recalls due to dangerous substances/improper manufacturing processes found in China-made products has made me extremely cautious of anything that comes from there, be it food, toys, stationery, household items, toiletries.

The way I see it, China-made products are so cheap because there is no regulation or control or proper processes in place to manufacture items properly or dispose of by-products safely.

I suppose the situation is similar in India and many other countries, but (from what I understand) part of the problem here is one of scale – many poorer nations have few or non-existant regulations, but much of their industry is small in scale while China manufactures for half the world, including the largest corporations hence the damage inflicted is much higher.

I’m sure there are companies in China with good practices, but the vast majority of cheap items flooding shops and markets all over the world are environmentally detrimental from the day they start the production process, right up to the time they wind up broken in landfills.


About Audrey

I started this blog as a way to continue writing, which I love, and to share views and topics that mean a lot to me, which range from books and movies to the environment and other societal issues. Sounds like a grand plan (at least to me) but I'm finding it easier said than done. This blog is a way for me to get my voice out there and hopefully find others who feel the same or who share the same interests I do. All too often I read about news and happenings that make me feel discouraged about what's going on in the world, and I'm thankful for all the people out there who post things about everyday life that put a smile on my face or make me think a little harder about the life I'm living. This blog, for me, is a symbol that there are people out there who also feel that there's a lot to be improved and hopefully inspire thoughts and ideas that help us cope better, and make a difference in our own little part of the world. Thanks for reading!
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