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I started this blog as a way to continue writing, which I love, and to share views and topics that mean a lot to me, which range from books and movies to the environment and other societal issues. Sounds like a grand plan (at least to me) but I'm finding it easier said than done. This blog is a way for me to get my voice out there and hopefully find others who feel the same or who share the same interests I do. All too often I read about news and happenings that make me feel discouraged about what's going on in the world, and I'm thankful for all the people out there who post things about everyday life that put a smile on my face or make me think a little harder about the life I'm living. This blog, for me, is a symbol that there are people out there who also feel that there's a lot to be improved and hopefully inspire thoughts and ideas that help us cope better, and make a difference in our own little part of the world. Thanks for reading!

Pen and Paper

For the longest time, my practice of always having a notebook and several pens handy was viewed as something ‘old school’. This was particularly pronounced when everybody around me was waving around their latest tablet or smartphone while I stubbornly … Continue reading

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So, you’re a writer?

A simple job description but one that is loaded with so much meaning…and misinterpretation. Years after embarking on this line of work, I still find that people connect this word, this career, to a world of misconception. When I tell … Continue reading

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A New Look at Resolutions

  My experience with New Year Resolutions has been…inconsistent. When I was younger, it was just something to do but it held little meaning for me. Strike 1. As an adult, I gave it another go but the things that … Continue reading

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That’s what the cadaverous food critic orders in Ratatouille and what strikes me now, at this odd moment after breakfast in my neighbourhood kopitiam (coffee shop) while reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. When self-help books first flooded bookstores, … Continue reading

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Mental Reboot

For almost four years, ever since I stepped away from full-time PR work, I’ve been telling others (and myself) that I no longer have to deal with clients or account management because I concentrate solely on writing work. Recently I’ve … Continue reading

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Yearning to Learn Again

Every now and then, I’m struck by the thought that my past work surpasses what I’m doing now. It comes every time I catch a glimpse of articles or even essays I’d written years ago, and I feel amazed, thinking … Continue reading

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Get the Brief

In three years of freelancing, I’ve prided myself on being able to utilise some of the things I learned from over eight years of agency life – managing clients and editors and the various people who commission me; evaluating my … Continue reading

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Critical Mass

I’ve never really understood what the term ‘critical mass’ means, at least not in a technical sense. It’s something I’ve heard in movies, normally uttered by some scientist or other when something is about to blow up. But just this … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned

It’s been three years since I became a hybrid – with one foot planted in the PR world and the other firmly in the editorial; and learning to work partially in an office and the rest of the time at … Continue reading

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“Kids these days”

I get really annoyed when I hear this phrase, especially when uttered by people much younger than I (at least older folk are even further removed from teenagers and young adults right?). Why you might ask? Because it’s an over-generalization, … Continue reading

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